Partner Description

NIS is one of the largest vertically integrated energy companies in Southeast Europe. Its core business activities are oil and gas exploration, production and refining, sales and distribution of a broad range of petroleum products and implementation of petrochemical and energy projects.

NIS head office is in Novi Sad, while its main production capacities are spread across Serbia, where NIS owns a refining compound with two units, in Pančevo and in Novi Sad, an LPG production unit, and a network of over 300 petrol stations. NIS launched its regional expansion in 2011 in oil and gas exploration and production and retail network development and it also began growing its business in electricity generation, wind power and geothermal energy.

NIS is the only company in Serbia operating in oil and gas exploration and production and geothermal power generation. With more than 50 oil and gas fields in Serbia, it exploits more than 660 oil wells, while natural gas is produced from 78 wells – 2016 output was 1,463 thousand tons of oil and gas equivalents.

For purpose of natural gas purification and CO2 removal and capture, NIS invested more than 30 million euros in construction of Amine Plant, in operation since 2015 as a part of Unit for preparation and transport of NIS oil and gas in Elemir, applying the HiPACT solvent-based CO2 capture technology, which improves the energy efficiency of CO2 capture from compression units in natural gas plants. The separated CO2 is stored into pre-treated wells in Rusanda oilfield. Utilization of CO2 to enhance oil recovery (EOR) is a unique operation in NIS portfolio – aiming at safeguarding environment, enhancing oil productivity and connecting with the Elemir CO2 capture operation.

Role in the project

In the framework of the S4CE consortium, NIS oil and gas field Rusanda will be a field site where S4CE technologies shall be tested and deployed, as part of company efforts to further advance its environmental monitoring and maintain sustainability of its operations.

NIS shall participate in the S4CE project together with its subsidiaries (100% NIS ownership) Scientific-Technological Centre (NTC) and Naftagas Oilfield Services (NOS). NTC provides scientific and technological support to NIS in all stages from exploration and identification of hydrocarbon sites to the monitoring of their development and exploitation throughout the entire lifecycle, while NOS provides exploration and production services through geophysical surveying, well construction, completion and workover and performance of special operations.


Evgeny Kapusta, Deputy Director of Block Upstream, Director of Department for Production of Oil and Gas, Chief Engineer

Dušan Karas, Manager for Scientific, Research and Development Projects

Andrey Antropov, Hydrodynamic Modeling Expert Coordinator