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Webinar “Geo-energy operations: opportunities and challenges” by TWI

​S4CE partner TWI is pleased to invite you to our ‘Geo-Energy Operations: Opportunities and Challenges’ webinar on the 2nd of December 2020. About the webinar TWI, with its expertise in key aspects of materials, materials joining, structural integrity, static and...

St. Gallen episode on the IS-EPOS Platform now public!

The data from St. Gallen field site in Switzerland is now fully open on the IS-EPOS platform. This episode is related to geothermal energy production, with a data set for correlating seismic activity to fluid injection and gas-water production that lead to increased...

Geothermal energy site in Cornwall active again

The geothermal energy site in Cornwall  has been active again, running pumping water tests in the geothermal wellbores. Ryan Law, Director of Geothermal Engineering Ltd (GEL) explains: "Two sets of injection tests have now been run at the United Downs site. S4CE...

Measurements of well integrity at St. Gallen field site

In the first week of September, the St. Gallen well operator and field site received the visit of our experienced German partner  Geomecon for quality control, along with the subcontractor Geotec Consult which worked on the coordination, field quality control, and...

4-month extension request has now been formally granted to S4CE

S4CE end date is officially pushed back to the 31st of December 2020, instead of the 31st of August 202. All delayed deliverables have now their official new due dates. A 4-month extension has been granted by the European Commission in order to complete the activities...



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