Public Deliverables

Below are links to the public project deliverables.

ID Date Description & Link
D1.1 28 February 2018 Website
D1.2 29 January 2018 Project Management Plan
D2.1 28 February 2018 Early- Project Report on Ethical Conduct
D3.2 31 August 2018 PUSH50 pressurised biological samples
D4.1 28 February 2018 Workflow for adsorption experiments on samples at geologic temperature and pressure conditions
D5.1 31 August 2018 Modelling results of fluid pathways in cement based concrete samples and rock samples
D8.1 07 December 2018 Workflow for Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers EU-North American Exchanges
D3.5 28 February 2019 Report on the biodegradability and bioaccumulation of 5 DNA-based particle tracers
D4.3 28 February 2019 Workflow for gene screening, metagenomic libraries construction and NGS sequencing
D5.2 28 February 2019 Model for fluid migration in the subsurface
D2.2 30 April 2019 Mid Project Report on Ethical Conduct
D5.3 30 April 2019 Integrating multi-risk and LCA assessments for energy production systems
D6.3 30 August 2019 Workflow for the Implementation of Novel Well Integrity Monitoring Techniques
D3.8 30 August 2019 Report on the capability of studying rock samples at various pressures
D3.3 30 September 2019 Proof of concept laboratory demonstration of EIT based sensing skin for well cap structures
D6.2 31 August 2019 A ready to operate Laser Isotope Ratiometer configured for the field tests
D3.7 27 February 2020 Workflow on testing fluid transport properties of cement-based samples by electrical imaging
D4.6 6 February 2020 Quantification of CO2 fixation in CarbFix samples under various geological conditions
D4.2 27 February 2020 Sample rock physical and chemical characterisation including pore network
D4.7 27 February 2020 Microbial reactivity to gas injection from field samples
D4.8 27 February 2020 Set of adsorption isotherms combined with permeability for selected rock samples
D4.9 28 February 2020 Quantification of the biological activity of microbial samples from selected field sites
D5.5 28 February 2020 Validation of model for fluid migration against field site data
D5.6 27 February 2020 Data-driven updating of empirical ground motion to monitor induced seismicity and reservoir status
D6.4 27 February 2020 Full dataset on encapsulated silica DNA-tracer stability and flow behaviour under selected conditions
D6.5 9 March 2020 Seismic methodology for assessing the probability of rapid fluid transport
D6.6 27 February 2020 Report on tracking fluid pathways and rapid fluid transport
MS.5 February 2019 Mapping of the geologic conditions near the five scientific test sites
D4.5 February 2020 Development of groundwater conceptual and numerical circulation model
May 2020 Communication and Dissemination Plan
Report july 2020 Prognoses for induced seismicity at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project (update 2)
D9.3 October 2020 Final Report on Public Response to S4CE Activities
D9.4 October 2020 Action Plan for Succession
D5.9 November 2020 Demonstration of the LCA software against field data
D7.2 November 2020 Validation of the fluid migration models based on Cornwall site data