DNA-Based Tracers

By Haelixa, Imperial College London and ETH Zurich

How do the DNA-based tracers work? 

Haelixa AG is developing a new generation of DNA-tracers for sub-surface fluid tracing applications. Tracers are chemical species that move with the fluid or any other object they are associated with and can be collected, identified and analysed at various stages to understand material transport and origin. DNA as a tracing platform allows the generation of a virtually unlimited number of unique fingerprints, enabling simultaneous tracing at multiple locations, or repeated tracer experiments without encountering background contamination (new DNA codes can be used in every experiment)

What is the purpose of the technologies?

The DNA-tracers monitor movement of underground fluid. This will help develop more precise maps on connectivity, volume flows and type of substances present. This can be used to detect leakages too.

Field testings

  • Academic research, testing.
  • Coreflooding experiments.
  • Scaled up production to trace larger volumes of fluid.