Geothermal Engineering Ltd

Partner Description

GEL was established in 2008 to deliver deep geothermal heat and power projects in the UK and abroad. It is an SME. In the UK, GEL has managed and delivered geothermal projects for both the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and the Scottish Government. A previous DECC funded project run by GEL in 2014 produced the first renewable geothermal heat in Cornwall for 25 years. GEL is based in Cornwall and is also leading on a number of innovative geothermal heat projects in the UK. GEL is fully committed to geothermal development in the UK and has recently teamed up with Ove Arup and Partners Ltd to roll out geothermal heat projects across the UK.

Role in the Project

GEL has recently received part funding from the European Regional Development Fund of approximately £13m to drill and develop the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project (UDDGP). This project will start on January 1st 2017 and will drill and develop a deep geothermal reservoir in a pre-existing, inactive fault structure within the granite in Cornwall. This will be the first deep geothermal power project in the UK and the deployment and interpretation of the seismic network will be crucial to the success of the project. The GEL team will design and install the network and will work with others in the consortium on the interpretation and improvement of the network during the project.


Ryan Law, Managing Director

The Founder and Managing Director of Geothermal Engineering, Ryan has 10 years of geothermal energy experience.

He has a degree in Geology from Oxford University and a Masters in Hydrogeology. His PhD thesis was on the transport and modelling of heat in fractured rocks.

He has worked primarily with Ove Arup and Partners Ltd, global consulting engineers, on geothermal energy systems ranging from individual systems to city-scale district heating networks and due diligence of geothermal electricity generation plants. This has included designing, testing and managing the installation of one of the first large-scale aquifer-based geothermal systems in the UK at the prestigious 1 Hyde Park development in London