GeoThermal Engineering

Partner Description

GeoThermal Engineering GmbH (GeoT) is an engineering consultancy and project developer for deep geothermal energy projects. The company based in Karlsruhe, Germany was established in 2005 with the goal of improving the development and use of geothermal energy worldwide. GeoT joins a professional and qualified team of geoscientists, engineers and project managers. Based on its employees’ profound knowledge and deep industry experience as well as an active international network, the company has established itself as a competent and reliable partner for project development in the deep geothermal market. GeoT’s portfolio includes the entire project development, ranging from preliminary studies to exploration campaigns and supervision of drilling works. For the development of international projects in geothermal key regions, the company is involved in several international joint ventures. Furthermore, GeoT is integrated in several research and development projects in cooperation with well-known universities and research utilities.

Role in the Project

GeoT has been assigned the task of setting up a thermo-hydraulic-mechanic (THM) model for the United Down project in Cornwall. The primary goal is to model the underground fluid-flow in a fractured reservoir. In a first step, a geological model will be created in cooperation with GEL. The observed induced seismicity during the project development (stimulation) will be interpreted in terms of structural geology and parameters for the THM model will be derived. The interpretation and modelling of the seismic response to the fluid flow in the subsurface demands a profound knowledge of geomechanics, seismotectonics, structural geology and hydrogeology. GeoT will calibrate the numerical THM model stepwise by integrating the interpreted data like hydraulic parameters (porosity, permeability), flow paths, velocities, residence times, temperature data and information of relative and absolute pressure carried by the induced seismicity.

Current state of the structural geological model of the United Downs Deep Geothermal Project


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Dr. Horst Kreuter, CEO of GeoT, will supervise and coordinate the work processes and results. The supervision will include the quality control of the geological model, the thermo-hydraulic modelling as well as the link between seismic observations and hydraulic parameters.

Kosha Wittmann is a geoscientist specialized in hydrogeology, geophysics and engineering geology. He will set up the thermo-hydraulic model in cooperation with John Reinecker and Christina Baisch and perform a step by step calibration (using field data from the United Downs wells as well as induced seismicity data, amongst other parameters). Simulations will yield insight on fluid flow, hydraulic head conditions and temperature development.

Christina Baisch is a senior geo-ecologist and scientific researcher. She has worked for GeoT for the past ten years. Her roles in S4CE are the project management, administration and quality control of GeoT’s tasks and deliverables.