How do ORION® and LIBRA work? 

MIRICO systems are based on laser spectrosocpy of molecules. A laser beam excites vibrations of molecular bonds. The frequencies of these vibrations provide a way to fingerprint individual molecules, in-situ or remotely.

What it the purpose of the technologies?

The technologies aim to provide cost effective tools to enable continuous automated monitoring of facilities gas emissions. These include both greenhouse gas and pollutants. Hence, the technology enables the assessment of enviromental impact of gas emissions to the atmosphere of geo-energy operations .

Field testings

  • ORION®:
    tested in Hellisheiđi on CO2 gas.
    tested in Cornwall on CH4 gas.
    tested at ENI facility for CO2 and CH4 releases
  • LIBRA to be tested on CO2 isotope in Hellisheiđi.