PUSH50 - Pressurized Underwater Sample Handler


How does PUSH50 work? 

The PUSH50 includes a 50mL sterilizable PEEK variable volume, floating piston reactor housed in a high-pressure vessel rated for 100 MPa (1 kbar) and 160°C, and is certified for airline travel. A pre-loaded gas pressure compensation system and a connection adapter to the wellhead have been added.

What is the purpose of the technology?

The PUSH50 was designed to facilitate high-pressure biological and geochemical investigations. Its capability to both retrieve and transport biological fluid samples under high pressure, eliminating sample decompression. It is designed to operate with an operating pressure of up to 1000 bar at a temperature of 160 °C. The PUSH 50 is used for sampling fluids and maintain pressurized samples for further microbiological and chemical analysis.

Field testings

  • PUSH50: adaptation of the Deep Carbon Observatory sampler/transport vessels to collect fluid samples at pressure from monitoring wells.
  • September 2018: Sampling from monitoring wells of the Hellisheidi power plant (Iceland)