Harnessing Geothermal Energy

The geothermal industry faces many challenges that are common to the oil and mining industries. Some of them fall into the category of risks, as in the case of induced seismicity, aquifer contamination and CO2 leakage, while others present a challenge to the operation of geothermal fields and their profitability, such as clogging (mineral precipitations in fractures that close permeable paths) and the presence of corrosive fluids.

A deep synergy between science and industry, with mutual understanding of concerns and respect of interest on both sides, is necessary. One important point is the proper understanding of the risks connected with georesource exploitation in general, not only geothermal energy production.

During the workshop organised by TWI with S4CE and Geo-Coat, two researchers in S4CE gave their insight in harnessing goethermal energy.

Check TWI article on their website and watch the videos below!

Catalina Sanchez-Roa from University College London spoke to TWI about rock mechanics and the geological challenges associated with geothermal energy exploitation.

Piotr Salek from IGF speaks to TWI about mitigating the risks and seismic / environmental impact associated with Geothermal applications.