Video 1 – Welcome

Welcome, Damien Weidman, S4CE partner, MIRICO
S4CE Project overview, Prof. Alberto Striolo, Project Coordinator, University College London
Key Note: Clean Energy Transition in the EU, Dr. Vassilios Kougionas, European Commission Directorate General Research and Innovation

Video 2 Section 1: Carbon Capture and Storage approaches

Discussion leader: Raffaella Russo, UNISA
Message from the government of Iceland, Helga Barðadóttir, Head of Division, Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources
CO2 mineralisation: The CarbFix project. Sandra Ósk Snæbjörnsdóttir,Geoscientist, Ph.D., Orkuveita Reykjavikur
Observations from a Controlled CO2 – Release Experiment in the North Sea. Douglas P. Connelly, STEMM-CCS Project Coordinator
Laboratory studies to understand the controls on flow and transport for CO2 storage, Ronny Pini, Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Video 3 Section 2 – Energy production

Discussion leader: Catalina Sanchez Roa, Postdoctoral Research Associate, UCL
Geothermal Energy Production in Cornwall, and Its Expected Environmental Impact, Lucy Cotton, Geothermal Engineering Limited and Andrea Paulillo, University College London
Geothermal power plant, Jörg Uhde, CEO, Pfalzwerke Geofuture GmbHInnovative and Environmentally Conscious Usage of Shale Gas, Fabio Ribeiro, Purdue University and CISTAR

Video 4 Section 3 – Environmental & Societal Impact

Discussion leader: Sian Loveless, Senior Specialist, Environment Agency UK
Fate and Characteristics of the Subsurface Biosphere, Prof. Isabelle Daniel, University of Lyon
Lessons Learned from Long-Term Monitoring of Wells in Saskatchewan: The Aquistore Project, Erik Nickel, Director of Operations, Petroleum Technology Research Centre, Saskatchewan, CA.
S4CE Ethical recommendations, Michele Barbier, Institute for Science & Ethics Scientific officer