The S4CE Kick-Off meeting was held at UCL in London 4-5 September, 2017.

This meeting was the first opportunity for the 23 consortium members from 10 academic institutions, 3 subsurface industry energy operators, 7 Industrial partners, and 3 major research institutes to come together and lay the foundation for future cooperation within the three years of the project. In addition to the participants representing the various partners of the consortium also members of the advisory boards, and a European Commission representative attended the meeting.

The first day of the Kick-Off meeting was devoted to give an overview of the objectives and the steps to be taken during the Project, with a particular focus on the activities to be carried out in the next 12 months. The project overview was followed by presentations from partners introducing the four field sites, innovations, and environmental risk assessment techniques within the S4CE project. The day ended with workout sessions where partners planned the organisation of work packages, field trips, and education and outreach activities.

The second day focused on modelling and data techniques both used and produced within S4CE. The scientific sessions of partners were complemented with scientific presentations from members of the advisory boards that meant to give the consortium initial connections for exchanging information and best-practice procedures.

The two-day meeting was a great opportunity for everybody to meet, find out about each others’ knowledge, skills and technologies as well as share ideas for the project, providing a great starting point for the S4CE project.


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