The S4CE project consortium visit to NIS oil and gas field Rusanda took place on 23-24 November 2017. The Rusanda field site is one of the four European sites at the core of S4CE project, where development and deployment of the novel technologies and instrumentation will be delivered in the framework of joint activities.

As part of the two-day program, the S4CE project delegation visited NIS Oil and Gas Preparation and Transport Unit, as well as the Amine Plant for Purification of Natural Gas in the city of Elemir, the operation of which helps increase the quality of natural gas produced by NIS through CO2 and other gaseous impurities separation by application of novel HiPACT technology. The CO2 separated in the Amine Plant is injected into the Rusanda deposit for the purpose of company enhanced oil recovery activities. To demonstrate the process, a guided tour of participants on the Rusanda well formation was organized, with detailed on-site presentation of the injection well and its characteristics.

Technical consultations continued in Belgrade aimed at defining a detailed roadmap and further activities for improving the monitoring of environmental risks at the Rusanda deposit, through the implementation of cutting-edge monitoring technologies and instrumentation developed by individual partners. The project delegation also visited NIS Scientific and Technological Centre Upstream Laboratory, where competences and capacities of the Laboratory at all stages of exploration and production were demonstrated.

NIS experience at the Rusanda production site is very valuable for the further development of European research in the field of carbon dioxide utilization for enhanced oil recovery and will significantly contribute to the adaptation of development of S4CE technologies based on NIS needs as the leading representative of the oil and gas industry in the project.

NIS participation within the S4CE project is aimed at continuous improvement of NIS monitoring activities during geological operations in the Rusanda oil and gas field as part of company efforts to further advance its environmental monitoring and maintain sustainability of its operations in Rusanda, which is a unique location in NIS business portfolio.

Partnering with European research community within the EU Horizon 2020 Programme also represents an important component of NIS activities towards experience exchange, delivering innovation and increasing its efficiency.


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