Above: Field Site 4 “St.Gallen” (Switzerland) and participating S4CE partners during field site visit on Nov. 3rd, 2017

Within S4CE a one-day site visit to Field Site St.Gallen (Switzerland) took place on November 3rd,2017. During that day, S4CE partners NIS, TWI, UEF, ETH Zuerich and Haelixa with a total number of seven participants visited the drill site of the deep well “St.Gallen GT-1” – a former geothermal well and drill site in “off-mode” – as well as the city offices of the S4CE partner St.Gallen. St.Galler Stadtwerke (department of Innovation), being the operator of the drill site, a department of the City of St.Gallen and project lead S4CE for St.Gallen field site hosted this event.

The agenda included a joint transfer to St.Gallen field site at Rechenwaldstrasse 44, 9014 St.Gallen and started out with an oral introduction by project manager in charge / project lead S4CE Thomas Bloch from St.Galler Stadtwerke. During a walk across the field site the participants could expierience the conserved construction zone including the drill pad, the wellhead of “St.Gallen GT-1” within the cellar and the close by surroundings of the drill site. Of course, there was always time for questions which was used frequently by the participants throughout this day.

After a Swiss lunch at downtown St.Gallen a workshop concerning the definition of possible actions within S4CE for Field Site St.Gallen took place at the city offices of St.Galler Stadtwerke. Topics discussed were measurements onsite (surface and downhole), existing data (3D-seismic, micro-seismic, well, rock/water samples) as well as other ideas and implications for the good outcome of S4CE in coordination to relevant boundary conditions at the field site. To conclude that day the next steps for this field site were defined between the participants and the host.


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