S4CE Forum on Monday 4th November 2019

8:45am – 400pm at the Geological Society, Picadilly, London

The event

S4CE is organising a day-long forum on Monday Nov 4th 2019 to present the project results and offer perspectives on clean energy to a wide audience from students to academia and industry representatives. While S4CE partners will present their results and findings, external speakers from other H2020 project, industries and regulatory bodies will give their insight on clean energy.

The agenda:

Agenda_S4CE Forum_Geolsoc_4th November_final_

S4CE Forum 2019_List of Speakers

The venue:

S4CE Forum is organised in collaboration with the Geological Society in the heart of London. The venue provides a good forum to discuss and disseminate research findings to various audiences be they the interested public, industry or academia.

On the 4th of November 2019, S4CE consortium hosted a dissemination event at the Geological Society, S4CE Forum. The aim was to present and discuss the state-of-the-art of geo-energy operations in Europe and in North America. We had the chance to listen to speakers from Academia, Industry and from the European Commission thanks to the participation as a keynote of a representative of the Directorate General Research & Innovation. S4CE partners CarbFix, Imperial College London, Geothermal Engineering Limited, University of Lyon and University College London. The event gathered more than 70 participants, among them the student involved in the MSc programme Global Management of Natural Resources – a great opportunity for them to envision a career in geo-energy operations thanks to a panel coming from different backgrounds related to sub-surface operations, notably geothermal operations and carbon capture and storage. The forum triggered interesting discussions from different perspectives and the future potential of geo-energy operations.



S4CE Overview_Alberto Striolo

Keynote_CCUS in Clean Energy Transition_Vassilios Kougionas

Section 1: Carbon Capture and Storage approaches:

CarbFix_Sandra Osk Snæbjörnsdóttir

Observation from a controlled Co2_Doug Connelly

Laboratory studies to understand the controls on flow and transport for CO2 storage_Ronny Pini

Section 2 – Energy production

UDDGP and Life cycle assessment_Cotton and Paulillo

Geothermal power plant_Uhde_Joerg

Innovative and Environmentally Conscious Usage of Shale Gas_Fabio Ribeiro

Section 3 – Environmental & Societal Impact

Lessons Learned from Long-Term Monitoring of Wells in Saskatchewan: The Aquistore Project_Erik Nickel

S4CE Ethical recommendations_Michele Barbier