Chibuikem Nwayo, a former Global Management of Natural Resources (GMNR) MSc student, did his research with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) while at the University of South Australia (UniSA).

It led to a recent paper on Nutrient Transformation and Removal from Treated Wastewater Recycled Via Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) in a Carbonate Aquifer

Further, Chibuikem is now entertaining a successful career as a Financial Services Advisor with EY.

Read here his testimony about his experience at UCL GMNR MSc:

What was the highlight of your UCL GMNR experience?

“Where do I begin? Whilst I have many fond memories from my time on the programme, I consider our field-trip to Dorset in November of 2017 as a personal favourite, not least because of the amazing scenery but also because it really did help bring to life a number of geological concepts we had been learning about in the weeks leading up to it. I would add our trip to the Onkalo nuclear repository in Finland and working closely on my dissertation with Joanne Vanderzalm, one of Australia’s leading groundwater research scientists, in my honourable mentions.”

How did this experience contribute to where you are now?

“Massively. I consider the analytical skills developed from analyzing years of data for my thesis to be very useful in my current role in Financial Services at EY. Likewise, the transferable skills embedded within problem-solving nature of the modules and topics covered have been equally beneficial in my new role.”