University Claude Bernard Lyon

Partner Desccription

The University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) is a multidisciplinary university in the primary fields of physics, chemistry, technical and material sciences, medicine and pharmacy. UCBL trains 45,000 students, employs over 4500 faculty members, who publish more than 5000 articles in international journals and 50 patents per year. The UCBL is currently involved in more than 80 European Union projects.

The Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon (LGL) is well recognized at the international level for a variety of activities in Earth and planetary sciences, including geochemistry, mineralogy and petrology, geophysics, palaeontology, palaeo-climatology. It runs two national analytical platforms of the CNRS Institut National des Sciences de l’Univers: the mass Spec facility (Prof. Albarède, Dr Telouk), and the Raman spectroscopy facility (Dr Reynard and Dr Montagnac). Prof. I. Daniel is also involved in the scientific leadership of the latter.

Role in the Project

The project benefits from this multidisciplinary environment equipped with state-of-the art analytical and experimental instrumentation. In particular the LGL and the team lead by Prof. Isabelle Daniel has a strong and long-standing experience in high-pressure experiments and design. The high-pressure facility in Lyon includes diamond anvil cells, different autoclaves and large volume presses. Therefore, the team contributed and now hosts the European platform of the PUSH50, a new international instrumentation of the Deep carbon Observatory for microbial exploration, that allows sampling, keeping and transporting under pressure samples collected in the sub-surface. The PUSH50 samplers will allow recovering samples suitable for the characterization of the microbial diversity and activity in the different wells and drilling sites, prior and after operations. The team in Lyon has also developed experimental protocols to measure in situ microbial activity at high pressure on isolated microorganisms. This will be extremely useful for the evaluation of sulfate reduction by cultivated key strains in the present context.


Prof. Muriel Andréani, Prof. Isabelle Daniel & Dr. Hervé Cardon in the Lyon Lab next to the PUSH50 facility.

Prof Andreani is an expert in the investigation of deep-sea hydrothermal systems, Prof. Daniel is an experimental mineralogist with focus on in situ spectroscopic measurements, and Dr. Cardon designs new high-pressure equipment, and trains students to high-pressure experiments.