Partner Description

Eni is an integrated energy company that operates across the entire energy chain, employing about 33,000 people in over 70 countries around the world. For Eni technological innovation is a crucial element to enable the access to new energy resources, improve their recovery and use efficiency, while reducing the impact on the environment. The research and development activities are divided into thematic programs. The main effort is in the upstream, with activities aimed at improving the exploration and at developing new technologies to find oil and gas. In refining, the main projects aim at the development of advanced fuels allowing greater engine efficiency and reducing harmful emissions. 

Eni has under development technology solutions that promote the use of renewables: Eni’s commitment is focused in particular on solar energy and biomass.

Recently, in line with the outcomes of Paris Agreement (COP 21, Dec. 2015), Eni is committed towards a progressive change in its business model shifting from being an oil-based company to being an energy company. This transition will entail an increasingly stronger focus on low-carbon and low-impact technologies for electricity generation.

Eni considers environmental protection to be an essential component of sustainable development for the realization of its industrial projects, and is committed to integrating this objective in all of its activities for the entire life cycle of its plants and in all of the operating sites where it operates.

Role in the Project

Eni is interested in investigating new technologies aimed at proactive detection of fugitive emissions in its upstream O&G treatment plants, in the context of its low carbon strategy. Eni will make available a site, the “Centro Olio Trecate”, for field tests of innovative technologies developed in the project on the gas emissions monitoring.

The “Centro Olio Trecate” is an Oil Separation and Treatment Plant in north Italy, approximately 70 km west of Eni HQ in Milan. Built in the Eighties to exploit the hydrocarbon discoveries in the area, the plant runs today at a reduced regime due to the progressive depletion of the Trecate-Villafortuna reservoir. Part of the plant has been put out of operation, making it a perfect candidate for field testing of upstream technologies in a safe environment.






Mr. Roberto Ferrario is R&D Italy Deployment Area Manager at Eni since 2000. He promotes the industrial application of R&D technologies in Eni Italian assets. He is Manager of the R&D project management department in Eni Progetti since 2000 for the development of upstream technologies and prototypes.

Mr. Stefano Rossini has developed upstream and downstream technologies for natural gas exploitation. He works on the identification and validation of new technologies implementing the gas value chain as a Gas Valorisation Knowledge Owner at Eni.