Eni’s site, located in Trecate, Italy, is a highly representative facility of hydrocarbons treatment but operating at reduced regime to facilitate access and evaluation of new technologies. This site will give S4CE the opportunity to adapt the innovative technology for detecting hydrocarbon gaseous releases in an industrial setting. Eni has recently established a Deployment department within its Research and Development structure to foster and deploy new technologies and services. In the context of their low carbon strategy, Eni is interested in proactive detection and characterization of fugitive emissions from treatment plants. As such, the devices developed by S4CE’s partner MIRICO are of interest to ENI.

This will allow the demonstration of S4CE technology for fugitive emissions characterization in a new industrial setting, and in relevance to a new application in line with low carbon strategies of oil and gas operators. This would expand the prospective market opportunities for the novel technologies being developed within S4CE as well as positively impact the carbon emission reduction endeavours.

The core scientific challenge relates to gas flow modelling and inversion methodologies to recover gas flux information from concentration measurements, which is more complex in cluttered industrial plants. The oil and gas treatment sites also bring a larger diversity of hydrocarbons species ideal to demonstrate the high chemical selectivity of the technology developed within S4CE.