S4CE partner from Serbia, energy company Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS), operates more than 650 wells in the country, including several wells in the Rusanda oil and gas field, which is one of the four S4CE project field sites.

In this locality, for the purpose of natural gas purification and CO2 removal and capture, NIS operates an Amine Plant as part of its Unit for preparation and transport of oil and gas in Elemir, applying HiPACT technology which significantly improves the energy efficiency of CO2 capture. The separated CO2 is later stored into pre-treated wells in Rusanda oilfield. Utilization of CO2 to enhance oil recovery (EOR) in Rusanda is a unique operation in NIS portfolio – aiming at safeguarding environment, enhancing oil productivity and connecting with the Elemir CO2 capture operation.

In the framework of the S4CE consortium, NIS oil and gas field Rusanda will be a field site where S4CE technologies shall be tested and deployed, as part of company efforts to further advance its environmental monitoring and maintain sustainability of its operations.