S4CE end date is officially pushed back to the 31st of December 2020, instead of the 31st of August 202. All delayed deliverables have now their official new due dates.

A 4-month extension has been granted by the European Commission in order to complete the activities that were supposed to be completed over the summer. S4CE researchers’ activities (field testing, sampling analysis, technologies deployment) have been delayed due to travel restrictions and limited access to labs.

In total, 20 deliverables and 1 milestone have been postponed and will be progressively published towards December 2020.

Continue to follow S4CE to find out about the following remaining activities:


Work Package 4 Samples & Fluid Characterisation

  • Enrichment and isolation of key metabolically active microorganisms
  • Model for circulation of toxic metals in groundwater near selected field sites

Work Package 5 Data Gathering & Model Implementation

  • Models for CO2 carbonation in various environments and in the presence of H2O and H2S
  • Demonstration of the LCA software against field data
  • Multi-scale models of fluid behaviour in cement and rock samples
  • Case study integration of multi-risk and LCA assessments for energy production systems

Work Package 7 Field Testing

  • Validation of the fluid migration models based on Cornwall site data
  • Validation of gas sensors on field sites
  • Validation of sensing skin and well integrity monitoring techniques on field sites
  • Production of 1 L of encapsulated silica DNA-tracer suspension, sufficient to track 10 million litres of fracturing fluids x
  • Workflow for the installation of sensing skins on site
  • Methane and ethane gas analysis in combination with Carbon dioxide isotope analysis at specific locations

Work Package 8 International Cooperation and Policy Recommendation

  • Best Practice Procedures for Sub-Surface Geo-Energy Operations
  • Protocols for Emergency Response, Mitigation and Remediation
  • Policy recommendations for the environmentally conscious deployment of sub-surface operations

Work Package 9 Dissemination Exploitation and Innovation

  • Final Report on Summer Outreach Events
  • Final Report on Work-In-Progress Forums and Geo-Energy Information-Exchange Meetings
  • Final Report on Public Response to S4CE Activities
  • Action Plan for Succession
  • S4CE Database on Is-Epos platform – Evaluation Report