Below you can find a list of scientific publications related to the S4CE Project which will be updated as the project progresses.

Title & Link Date
Quantifying the anisotropy and tortuosity of permeable pathways in clay-rich mudstones using models based on X-ray tomography The permeability of shales is important, because it controls where oil and gas resources can migrate to and where in the Earth hydrocarbons are ultimately stored. Shales have a well-known anisotropic directional permeability that is inherited from the depositional layering of sedimentary laminations, where the highest permeability is measured parallel to laminations and the lowest permeability is perpendicular to laminations. We combine state of the art laboratory permeability experiments with high-resolution X-ray computed tomography and for the first time can quantify the threedimensional interconnected pathways through a rock that define the anisotropic behaviour of shales. Experiments record a physical anisotropy in permeability of one to two orders of magnitude. Twoand three-dimensional analyses of micro- and nano-scale X-ray computed tomography illuminate the interconnected pathways through the porous/permeable phases in shales. The tortuosity factor quantifies the apparent decrease in diffusive transport resulting from convolutions of the flow paths through porous media and predicts that the directional anisotropy is fundamentally controlled by the bulk rock mineral geometry. Understanding the mineral-scale control on permeability will allow for better estimations of the extent of recoverable reserves in shale gas plays globally. 29 January 2018
U.S. National Research Council report (2013), "Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies 13 June 2018
A brief history of CarbFix: Challenges and victories of the project’s pilot phase July 2018
Competitive Adsorption of H2O and CO2 in 2-Dimensional Nanoconfinement: GCMD Simulations of Cs- and Ca-Hectorites 21 September 2018
Estimating permeability in shales and other heterogeneous porous media: Deterministic vs. stochastic investigations 1 March 2019
Measuring and modelling supercritical adsorption of CO2 and CH4 on montmorillonite source clay 1 January 2019
Rapid CO2 mineralisation into calcite at the CarbFix storage site quantified using calcium isotopes 30 April 2019
The geology and hydrology of the CarbFix2 site, SW-Iceland July 2018
The rapid and cost-effective capture and subsurface mineral storage of carbon and sulfur at the CarbFix2 site December 2018
The chemistry and potential reactivity of the CO2-H2S charged injected waters at the basaltic CarbFix2 site, Iceland September 2018
Understanding methane/carbon dioxide partitioning in clay nano- and meso-pores with constant reservoir composition molecular dynamics modeling April 2019
Update, Comparison, and Interpretation of the Ground‐Motion Prediction Equation for “The Geysers” Geothermal Area in the Light of New Data 9 October 2018
Three-dimensional-electrical-capacitance-tomography-a-tool-for-characterizing-moisture-transport-properties-cement-based-materials 28 June 2019