Below you can find a list of scientific publications related to the S4CE Project which will be updated as the project progresses.

Title & Link Date
Quantifying the anisotropy and tortuosity of permeable pathways in clay-rich mudstones using models based on X-ray tomography 29 January 2018
U.S. National Research Council report (2013), "Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies 13 June 2018
A brief history of CarbFix: Challenges and victories of the project’s pilot phase July 2018
Competitive Adsorption of H2O and CO2 in 2-Dimensional Nanoconfinement: GCMD Simulations of Cs- and Ca-Hectorites 21 September 2018
Estimating permeability in shales and other heterogeneous porous media: Deterministic vs. stochastic investigations 1 March 2019
Measuring and modelling supercritical adsorption of CO2 and CH4 on montmorillonite source clay 1 January 2019
Rapid CO2 mineralisation into calcite at the CarbFix storage site quantified using calcium isotopes 30 April 2019
The geology and hydrology of the CarbFix2 site, SW-Iceland July 2018
The rapid and cost-effective capture and subsurface mineral storage of carbon and sulfur at the CarbFix2 site December 2018
The chemistry and potential reactivity of the CO2-H2S charged injected waters at the basaltic CarbFix2 site, Iceland September 2018
Understanding methane/carbon dioxide partitioning in clay nano- and meso-pores with constant reservoir composition molecular dynamics modeling April 2019
Update, Comparison, and Interpretation of the Ground‐Motion Prediction Equation for “The Geysers” Geothermal Area in the Light of New Data 9 October 2018
Three-dimensional-electrical-capacitance-tomography-a-tool-for-characterizing-moisture-transport-properties-cement-based-materials 28 June 2019
The environmental impacts and the carbon intensity of geothermal energy:A case study on the Hellisheiði plant 19 October 2019
Deep Carbon: Past to Present, Chapter 12 - The Influence of Nanoporosity on the Behavior of Carbon-Bearing Fluids October 2019
Numerical Investigation of a Methane Leakagefrom a Geothermal Well into a Shallow Aquifer November 2019
Partial CO2 Reduction in Amorphous Cylindrical Silica Nanopores Studied with Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations September 2019
Structure of hydrated kaolinite edge surfaces: DFT results and further development of the clayFF classical force field with metal–O–H angle bending terms March 2019
Quantifying pore width effects on diffusivity via a novel 3D stochastic approach with input from atomistic molecular dynamics simulations October 2019
Data on the environmental impacts of the Hellisheiði geothermal plant and on the carbon intensity of geothermal energy and other energy technologies December 2019
Life-cycle inventory data and impacts on electricity production at the United Downs Deep Geothermal Power project in the UK January 2020
Carbon dioxide storage through mineral carbonation January 2020
Best Practices for Shale Core Handling: Transportation, Sampling and Storage for Conduction of Analyses February 2020
Evidence of Facilitated Transport in Crowded Nanopores January 2020
High Injection Rates Counteract Formation of Far‐Reaching Fluid Migration Pathways at The Geysers Geothermal Field February 2020
CarbFix2: CO2 and H2S mineralization during 3.5 years of continuous injection into basaltic rocks at more than 250 °C April 2020
Experimental observations of CO2-water-basaltic glass interaction in a large column reactor experiment at 50 °C July 2019
Supercritical CO2 and CH4 Uptake by Illite-Smectite Clay Minerals September 2019
Competitive adsorption and reduced mobility: N-octane, CO2 and H2S in alumina and graphite pores June 2020
Inferring In Situ Hydraulic Pressure From InducedSeismicity Observations: An Application to theCooper Basin (Australia) Geoth ermalReservoir August 2020
Impact of in-situ gas liberation for enhanced oil recovery and CO2 storage in liquid-rich shale reservoirs September 2020
Novel laboratory investigation of huff-n-puff gas injection for shale oils under realistic reservoir conditions August 2020
An integrated evaluation of enhanced oil recovery and geochemical processes for carbonated water injection in carbonate rocks June 2019